NetBeacon Institute

One Mission: Reduce DNS Abuse

The NetBeacon Institute is focused on helping simplify and enhance  DNS Abuse reporting while helping the Internet community better understand, measure, and, ultimately, mitigate abuse across the DNS. We do this by providing free resources and tools, establishing best practices, funding DNS research, and sharing data in an effort to create a safer internet for all.

Report DNS Abuse

Individuals and organizations can easily report online abuse like phishing, malware, bots, spam, and pharming.

Understand DNS

Monthly measurement and analytics in reports, interactive charts, and individual dashboards for domain operators.

Receive Reports

Enriched abuse reports for all domain registrars and registries.

Latest News

Read about the latest news and research concerning DNS Abuse.

NetBeacon Institute Collaboration 

The Institute collaborates with organizations working to make the Internet safer for all by helping to reduce DNS Abuse.

NetBeacon Institute Impact

"Accurately reporting and tracking DNS Abuse is incredibly difficult and often done poorly. The NetBeacon Institute provides tools to simplify both tasks and at no cost... I look forward to seeing what positive impacts both of these efforts will have on the entire domain name ecosystem."
Crystal Ondo
Google, Head of Domains, NetBeacon Institute Advisory Council Member