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The NetBeacon Institute

The NetBeacon Institute is focused on helping the Internet community identify and report DNS Abuse, establish best practices, fund DNS research, and share data. The Institute provides free tools and services as part of its mission.

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Focused on Reducing DNS Abuse

The Internet is a powerful agent for positive change. At the same time, there are those that use the Internet to achieve their own negative ends. The NetBeacon Institute exists to act against online abuse, keeping the negative side of the public Internet in check to allow the positive side to flourish. 

The NetBeacon Institute is tasked with driving outcomes-based initiatives that will create recommended practices, foster collaboration, and develop industry-shared solutions to combat the five areas of DNS Abuse: malware, botnets, phishing, pharming, and related spam.

NetBeacon Leadership

The Institute is driven by industry experts with a passion for creating a better Internet. 

About the Institute

While progress on DNS Abuse has been made across the industry, not all registries and registrars have access to the same level of resources to combat DNS Abuse. Given this gap and a more general need for innovation, education, and collaboration on DNS Abuse across its many stakeholders, Public Interest Registry (operator of the .ORG gTLD) founded the DNS Abuse Institute in 2021 in furtherance of PIR’s nonprofit mission. The Institute is fully funded and supported by PIR, and its mission to reduce DNS Abuse and empower the DNS Community aligns with PIR. The work of the Institute is outwardly focused and there is functional separation between the Institute and PIR which ensures the Institute is empowered to make independent decisions, and plays no role in addressing abuse issues in .ORG, or any other PIR TLD. The Institute was renamed in 2024 to the NetBeacon Institute and continues to serve as an independent, objective, shared resource to help the community identify and report DNS Abuse, establish best practices, fund research on DNS Abuse, and share data. It works closely with all DNS Abuse stakeholders in the fight against DNS Abuse, including but not limited to technical and security organizations, academic organizations, registries, and registrars.

Trusted Advisors

Advisory Council

The Institute maintains a diverse Advisory Council with expert representation from interested stakeholders related to DNS Abuse, such as gTLD registries, ccTLD registries, registrars, security researchers, and academics on issues related to DNS Abuse. Current Advisory Council members include:

Education and Collaboration

The Institute in Action

Presenting to ccTLDs

Rowena Schoo presented NetBeacon MAP abuse data to geoTLDs at ICANN78

Great teams

The Institute team works tirelessly to combat DNS Abuse with the support of industry partners.

Valued Partners

kor labs and cleandns

Public Interest Registry (PIR) is a non-profit organization created by the Internet Society (ISOC), originally to manage the .ORG domain.

Public Internet Registry serves the public interest online. Its globally diverse team is committed to providing a stable online platform to enable people to do good things.

Clean DNS 

The Institute partnered with the cybersecurity and investigative professionals at CleanDNS to develop the NetBeacon Reporter platform.  

KOR Labs

The Institute partners with KOR Labs for the delivery of NetBeacon MAP. KOR Labs is led by Dr Maciej Korczynski, a professor at Grenoble Alpes University in France.

Latest News

Read about the latest news and research concerning DNS Abuse.